20 May 2016

Does your Laptop LCD screen or Destop LCD Monitor appear to be getting dimmer? is the screen flickering or suffering from the infamous pink hue (Red Tint) or simply just dark Screen? This is probably caused by the defective CCFL backlight or Inverter Board, and all you need to do is replace them.

We carry many different sizes and large quantity of high brightness CCFL backlights for Laptop/Notebook Screens, LCD Monitor and LCD TV. This is high quality Cold Cathode Lamp which rated longer life time and less heat.

We recommend: Conductive Aluminum Hi-Temp Tape repair kit(please search from our store):
This Kit comes with 12 inch of Aluminum Hi-Temp reflective thermal tape. This is a MUST have kit if you are replacing CCFL Lamps on your Laptop/ Notebook Screen. This aluminum thermal insulating is used to meet a variety of EMI/RFI shielding applications.

Any question please email to us at Support@lcdpartsdirect.com

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